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Alienware Area-51 Desktop

$ 4,749 excluding VAT

Alienware Area-51 Desktop, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K Processor (6-cores, 15MB Cache, Turbo Boost Max 3.0,Overclocked up to 4.0 GHz), 32GB (4X8GB) DDR4 2133MHz SDRAM Memory, 4TB 5400RPM SATA 6Gb/s,NVDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X, Windows 10, Black

Innovative, iconic design. Intel® Core™ i7 X-Series processors. VR ready. Incredible configuration options. It’s what powerful gaming should look like.

Estimated delivery within 3 days.

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With Microsoft Windows 10 – Break down boundaries and immerse yourself in the game with graphics more realistic than ever before thanks to the multi-thread scaling capabilities of the new API DirectX 12.

With a VR-ready Alienware PC, you can be the first to experience the future of gaming. Partnering with HTC, Alienware provides a range of systems to bring you most immersive VR experience imaginable. The Alienware Vive-Optimized desktops are unmatched in performance, featuring Intel® processors, and NVIDIA or AMD graphics options.


You demand the best systems on Earth. Ever since our inception, Alienware has strived to deliver incredible gaming performance without sacrifice.

You’ve never seen anything like the Alienware Area-51. It is more than an iconic design. It’s a perfect convergence of power and design beauty. We reimagined this system from the inside out, and built it without compromises. It is an engineering marvel and a completely new experience that performs true to our legacy of excellence.

Get inside.
The Area-51’s three corners are built to support 5 times the system’s weight. Pivot the system towards you and gain easy access to the rear ports when connecting or disconnecting cables. There is even a button on the back of the chassis that turns on the rear accessibility lighting to reduce the need of having to use a flashlight.

Transport your ultimate gaming rig anywhere. The rugged handles make the Area-51 more natural to carry. The shape and internal component layout are designed to have a low center of gravity to avoid the system from tipping when being lifted.

The angular shape is designed to have all the I/O ports facing you directly, making connecting a USB device, headphones, or even a media card reader easier than on a traditional rectangular chassis design.

Internal fans blow fresh ambient air, quietly and directly, onto the graphics cards and the internal cable management enables maximum airflow – satisfying your system’s hunger for cooler air and keeping it performing at its peak. The angled design also provides a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall.     

The Area-51 is not only perfect for serious gamers, it’s also the platform of choice for developers and programmers who demand concurring gaming workloads at the highest 4K resolution. It’s not just the highest-performance gaming experience – it’s a breathtaking display you can lose yourself in.

Maximum multitasking.
Designed to support up to three full-length double-wide graphics cards, or quad GPU configurations (available soon), managing multiple tasks at once has never been easier. Flawless concurrent execution of data-intensive workloads lets you spend more time creating and less time waiting. You can also play your favorite games in 4k while broadcasting live HD streams around the world on Twitch.

Liquid-cooled & overclocked: The Alienware Area-51 ushers in a new era of performance with Windows 10 and up to 10-core Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked and made possible with the new Intel® X99 Express chipset and 2133Mhz DDR4 memory — up to 64GB in quad channel. Do insane, intensive multitasking like rendering video or extreme performance 4K gaming at your leisure.

Get deeper: Unprecedented power make the Area-51 the ideal platform for today’s most graphic intensive, hyper-immersive gaming experiences, including premium VR.

Unrivaled PC gaming: Take your gaming performance to the next level with overclockable CPU cores and Turbo Max 3.0 for amazing, single-threaded gameplay.

A full studio in your PC: Whether you’re creating new music, developing games or designing models for a 3D printer, the Area-51 lets you easily edit and render high resolution 4k and VR video and effects.


Optional 1.5KW power supply (available soon) and modular cabling will ensure revved-up performance that is both highly efficient and reliably impressive.

The storage bays support up to five drives of either SSD or HDD. Enjoy the pure speed of solid state and the big storage of hard drives – allowing for quick boot and massive archiving capabilities.

The Ethernet assembly has been built by Killer™ Technology. It prioritizes streaming video and gaming packets for the smoothest possible performance when you need it most. Plus, it comes fully equipped with 802.11ac – the latest wireless protocol.

Purchase your system today, upgrade for free, and experience PC gaming at its best with Windows 10 Home.

DirectX 12 -
Break down boundaries and step into your game with graphics more stunning than ever before with the new DirectX 12 technology. Windows 10's API is armed with new features that will provide quicker processing in real time to generate higher FPS and richer graphics as well as reduced power consumption to play longer.

Expand your community - Xbox app lets you see what your friends are playing now, chat with your community, and track your scores and achievements. Plus, Game DVRi lets you record your best hero moves for sharing with friends.

Play more games - The greatest Xbox games are now at your fingertips, and you will get built-in support for the Xbox controlleri and even stream Xbox One games to a
Windows 10 Home PC, laptop, or tablet anywhere in your home. Even the cross-device barriers are down – start a game on your PC and move to your Xbox to continue playing.

Start menu - Back and improved. You will be an expert from the get-go since your windows Start menu is back in an expanded form. Plus, all your pinned applications will carry over so your experience is familiar, productive and better than ever.

The speed you need - Windows 10 Home starts up and resumes fast so there's no buffer between you and your game. Even your updates reach you as soon as they are available so you always have the latest and greatest features.

1. Hi-Speed USB 2.0
2. SuperSpeed USB 3.0
3. RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
4 . Power Connector
5. Security Cable Slot and Latch
6. Rear I/O Porch-light Button
7. Optical S/PDIF Connector
8. Coaxial S/PDIF Connector
9 . Front L/R Speakers
10. Surround L/R Port
11. Center/Subwoofer LFE Port
12. PCI-Express X16 (Graphics) Slot 1
13. PCI-Express X1 Slot
14. PCI-Express X16 (Graphics) Slot 2
15. PCI-Express X4
16. PCI-Express X16 (Graphics) Slot 3
17. Slot-Loading Optical Drive
18. Headphone Port
19. Microphone Port
20. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports
21. Media Card Reader

Height: 22.411" (569.25mm)
Depth: 25.156" (638.96mm)
Width: 10.736" (272.71mm)
Starting at Weight: 61.73lbs (28 Kg.)

Specs Details
Dimensions Height: 22.411" (569.25mm) Depth: 25.156" (638.96mm) Width: 10.736" (272.71mm)
Weight 61.73lbs (28 Kg.)
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K Processor (6-cores, 15MB Cache, Turbo Boost Max 3.0,Overclocked up to 4.0 GHz), BDW-E 850W Chassis
Screen No monitor
Memory 32GB (4X8GB) DDR4 2133MHz SDRAM Memory
Hard Disk 4TB 5400RPM SATA 6Gb/s
Optical Drive Slot-Loading Dual Layer DVD Reader
Graphics NVDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X
Wireless Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 @ 5GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64bit English
Warranty 36 Months

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