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Dell Premier Sleeve (M) for XPS 15

$ 78 excluding VAT

Estimated delivery within 3 days.

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Protect your Dell XPS 15 
Slip your Dell XPS 15 or Precision 5510 Ultrabook into the Dell Premier Sleeve (M) to keep it safe and secure. Durable, yet lightweight materials protect your XPS 15 or Precision 5510 whether you are en route to a meeting, heading to the office or going anywhere your mobile lifestyle takes you.

Easy transport keeps you mobile and productive
Simply place your Dell XPS 15 or Precision 5510 Ultrabook in the sleeve and carry it to your next appointment or meeting. Or, place the XPS and sleeve within another bag and you'll be ready to travel anywhere your busy day takes you.

High-quality, durable materials
With high quality, durable materials and a secure magnetic closure, your XPS or Precision 5510 is in good hands. A soft inner lining cushions the cover of your notebook from scratches and scuffs. Easily slip your XPS or Precision 5510 into the wide opening of the Dell Premier Sleeve (M) and head out the door rest assured that your XPS is well protected.

Contemporary design
Lightweight, yet durable, with a slim design and structured sides, the Dell Premier Sleeve (M) is a sleek, essential accessory that enhances your mobile office experience. Pack your XPS inside the Dell Premier Sleeve (M) and you'll be carrying a stylish, contemporary accessory.

The Dell Premier Sleeve (M) is custom-built to carry the Dell XPS 15 or Precision 5510 Ultrabook.

Specs Details
Dimensions Width: 15.4" ; Depth: 0.3" ; Height: 10.9"
Weight 13.76 oz
Features 6

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