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Dell KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos

$ 56 excluding VAT

Estimated delivery after 6 weeks

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The Dell KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a sleek and stylish wireless keyboard and mouse bundle providing customers the freedom of wireless computing. Provides an enhanced immersive and enjoyable multimedia experience delivering the best for the value.


  • Wireless RF 2.4Hz interface with nano dongle 
  • 2AA alkaline batteries for mouse 
  • 2AA alkaline batteries for keyboard 
  • Wireless freedom for clutter free desktop
  • Multimedia experience with easy accessible keys 
  • Enhanced wireless encryption 
  • 3 button mouse 
  • Optical LED tracking Sensor 
  • Fold up storage for nano receiver

Specs Details
Movement Detection Technology 2.4 GHz
Power pointing_device_Mouse_-_optical
Max Resolution input_device_Keyboard
Features 3

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